Rival Ice Cream Maker Replacement Part Model 8200 Part #22712

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Product Description

Lucky day! You've found a Rival ice cream maker clear plastic lid. This vintage Rival ice cream maker lid fits an ice cream maker with a motor on the bottom (see third photo). Please be aware, Rival used the model #8200 for two completely different ice cream makers, so do not go by the model number alone. This lid measures 5 3/16" diameter on the inside of the rim on the underside. Total length is 9.5", and this ice cream maker takes a paddle with a cross-shaped end. This lid also fits a Rival Dolly Madison 8200 ice cream maker or a Master Chef Modern ice cream maker.

This Rival 8200 ice cream maker lid part #22712 is chip- and crack-free.

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Rival Ice Cream Maker Replacement Part Model 8200 Part #22712 Rival Ice Cream Maker Replacement Part Model 8200 Part #22712

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